White oils are meticulously processed mineral oils composed primarily of saturated aliphatic and alicyclic hydrocarbons that lack polar properties. These oils are inherently hydrophobic, meaning they repel water, and they exhibit essential characteristics such as being virtually colorless, tasteless, and odorless. Moreover, their color remains consistent and stable over time, making them ideal for various applications where purity and clarity are essential.


White oils adhere to or exceed the stipulations outlined in US FDA regulations 21 CFR 172.878 and 178.3620(a), making them suitable for direct contact with food products. They also meet the purity standards established in the British Pharmacopoeia under the monograph “Liquid Paraffin” and the United States Pharmacopeia under the monograph “Mineral Oil.” This compliance underscores their suitability for various pharmaceutical and food-related applications, highlighting their commitment to safety and quality.


Pharmaceutical and culinary uses abound for Vesta White Oils, spanning from the production of petroleum jelly to dough division, defoaming, lubrication for bakery pans, fruit and vegetable coatings, eggshell sealing, and serving as a base for ointments, suntan lotions, and baby oils.

Furthermore, these versatile oils find their place in diverse applications such as food machinery lubrication, release agents for dehydration processes, plasticizing agents, constituents of hot melt adhesives, insulation purposes, compressor oil applications, textile treatment, and as valuable aids in fiber, plastic, and resin processing.

When properly stored in a sealed container, away from heat and moisture, Vesta White Oils boast a shelf life of up to two years from the manufacturing date.


  • Low viscosity
  • Conforms to the British Pharmacopoeia
  • Meets or passes US FDA regulations

Vesta suggests that the equipment manufacturers’ recommendations for viscosity grade, performance requirements and general operating conditions should be checked prior to use.

PropertyASTM METHODTypical Results
Code VI8- ISO Viscosity Grade 3530                            3531 15 BP80                      68 BP350
AppearanceVisualWater white                 Water white
ColourSaybolt+30 minimum              +30 minimum
Viscosity @100°CASTM D-4553.5 cSt                         9 cSt
Viscosity @40°CDCA 002(ASTM D-445)15 cSt                          71 cSt
Specific Gravity @15°CDCA 140(ASTM D-1298)0.85                             0.87
Pour PointASTM D-97-9°C                             -9°C
Flash PointASTM D-92185°C                          240°C
Readily CarbonisableBPConforms to BP          Conforms to BP
Polycyclic AromaticBPConforms to BP          Conforms to BP
Solid ParaffinsBPConforms to BPConforms to BP
Acidity/AlkalinityBPConforms to BPConforms to BP

Available In:        200 Litres, 20 Litres, 5 Litres and 1 Litre

Item Code:  VI8-3530 (15 BP80), VI8-3531 (68 BP350)

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