Oils for cars, trucks, marine etc.


Hydraulic, pneumatic, transformer oils etc.


Greases for various work tools.


At Vesta, we don't just lubricate machinery; we keep your world running smoothly. Our precision-engineered lubricants are the lifeblood of industry, ensuring efficiency, longevity, and peak performance. Trust in our expertise, because when it comes to lubrication, we're the formula for success.

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◎    R&D Excellence
◎    Reliability & Longevity
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Value Propositions

Guided by quality, innovation, and customer focus, our value propositions set industry standards and exceed client expectations.

Reliability in Every Drop

We aim to be the most reliable lubricant supplier in the industry, not just through our product quality but also through our customer service.

Innovation as Standard

With continuous investment in R&D, we've made it our mission to offer the most advanced technology and applications in the field of industrial lubrication.

Customer-Centric Excellence

By putting customer satisfaction at the core of our business, we offer tailor-made solutions and top-tier customer service.


Dream big
inspiring solutions

Enhancing cost-efficiency without compromising the caliber of our offerings remains a critical imperative for navigating the competitive landscape of the industry. Rest assured, our commitment to this objective is unwavering.

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