Universal Trans 10W/30 is an advanced 10W/30 grade Universal Tractor Transmission Oil (UTTO) designed to cater to a wide spectrum of power-driven agricultural equipment, encompassing gears, transmissions, differentials, final drives, hydraulic systems, hydraulic bearings, wet brakes, and power take-off (PTO) clutches.

Its utility isn’t limited to farm applications alone. Universal Trans 10W/30 excels in a variety of off-road scenarios, particularly in demanding environments that place significant stress on power-driven components. This makes it a suitable choice for off-highway equipment, construction machinery, and industrial systems. An added advantage is the potential reduction in lubricant inventory.


Universal Trans 10W/30 can be used in a large range of equipment such as John Deere, Massey Ferguson, New Holland, Case, Komatsu, Kubota, Volvo, Allison, Caterpillar, Denison, Sperry Vickers, Plessey and Sundstrand.


REDUCE INVENTORY: Since Universal Trans 10W/30 can replace three or more farm lubricants. This not only simplifies tractor and other farm equipment servicing but avoids possible misapplication of lubricants which may result in damage to vehicle components.

FILTERABILITY Superior to competitive fluids, Universal Trans 10W/30 overcomes the tendency of filter plugging; particularly where other fluids contain trace moisture contamination. With Universal Trans 10W/30, supply of lubricant is assured to all moving surfaces.

IMPROVED EP ANTI-WEAR PERFORMANCE: Universal Trans 10W/30 gives a long trouble-free service in the high load conditions experienced in transmissions, axles and hydraulic systems.

TRACTOR POWER TAKE-OFF LIFE: Facilitates extension of take-off life because Universal Trans 10W/30 has the special ability to quickly stall to prevent the clutch from slipping and burning up when a tractor-driven implement hits a large object in the field. Universal Trans 10W/30 provides faster stall times reducing clutch wear and prolonging PTO life.

BRAKE CHATTER: Results in greater braking difficulty and ultimate premature failure. Universal Trans 10W/30 suppresses chatter without demerits to braking capacity. The balanced friction control ensures proper functioning of the wet brake and PTO clutches.

SEAL SWELL: Properties of UNIVERSAL TRANS 10W/30 are especially controlled so that seals, gaskets and wet brake components do not deteriorate, thereby avoiding costly repairs and down time.


Please contact to the Vesta Lubrication Technical Department for an extensive list of approvals and recommendations claimable by Universal Trans 10W/30.

Vesta suggests that the equipment manufacturers’ recommendations for viscosity grade, performance requirements and general operating conditions should be checked prior to use.

PropertyLimitsTypical Results
API Service GL4/CRC L20 Density (kg/Lt) @ 15oC Pass 0.893
Viscosity (cSt) @ 100oC (Unused)9.0 Min, 10.0 Max9.41
(Sonic Shear, 30 mins)8.0 Min8.5
@ 40oCReport55.5
Viscosity Index140 Min153
Pour Point (oC)– 30 Max-36
Flash Point COC (oC)180 Min216
Copper Strip Corrosion (3 hrs at 150oC)1b Max1a
Foaming Characteristics (1% H2O) Sequence I  30 Max  10/0
Sequence II50 Max40/0
Sequence III50 Max10/0
Ford 7710 Brake ChatterLess than M2C134DPass
 Reference Oil 
MF Chatter TestLess than Reference34.6% better
MF Torque TestLess than Reference10.1% better
Ford Stall Time with 4610 PTO, sec3.0 Max1.5
Denison Pump T5D VanePass HF-OPass
46 Series PistonPass HF-OPass
Vickers Pump 35VQ-25  
Ring and Vane Weight Loss, mg  
1st Hour9045
2nd Hour9053
3rd Hour9064

Plessey-Sundstrand Pump –

Flow Degradation %                               5.0 Max                                  0

Available in:         Bulk, 1000 Litres, 200 Litres, 20 Litres, 10 Litres, 5 Litres and 1 Litre

Item code:             VI3-2694

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