MULTITRANS ATF is a premium synthetic automatic transmission fluid meticulously crafted for North American, European, and Asian vehicles. It boasts exceptional resistance to oxidation, anti-wear performance, and frictional stability. Additionally, it offers outstanding anti-rust properties and effectively manages sludge and varnish buildup. With its compatibility across multiple vehicles, it simplifies inventory management for transmission fluids.

MULTITRANS ATF holds formal approvals from various specifications, including Ford Mercon® V, Voith 55.6335.XX (G607), MAN 339F V1 and Z2, and ZF TE-ML 14B. It is suitable for equipment requiring GM Dexron® IIIH, Allison C-4, JASO 1-A, Ford Mercon®, Ford / BTR 4-speed 85 and 95 LE fluids (note that new approvals are no longer available for these specifications).


MULTITRANS ATF ensures swift oil distribution to critical transmission components, including torque converters, friction plates, planetary wheels, and brake bands. This results in more responsive and comfortable gear shifts while minimizing “shift shock” during cold starts. The reduction in torque loss enhances efficiency, leading to fuel savings and reduced emissions.

This fluid also enhances the smoothness of gear shifts across varying temperatures and loads, consistently improving driver comfort. Its extended anti-shudder durability ensures quiet and vibration-free gear changes. Furthermore, MULTITRANS ATF prevents foaming within transmissions, ensuring consistent lubrication to all surfaces requiring it.

Minimal viscosity changes occur with use, which helps prevent deposits and oil thickening, ultimately extending the transmission’s lifespan. Its excellent performance in maintaining transmission cleanliness under high temperature and load conditions allows for extended oil drain intervals, reducing the need for frequent servicing.


MULTITRANS ATF is suitable for use in numerous vehicles where the following demanding performance levels are called for:

AE LT 71141 ZF 5 Speed

Aisin Warner AW-1 Allison C-4; TES-295 Apolloil ATF Red-1

Audi G 052 162; G 055 025; G 052 990

BMW ETL-7045E; ETL-8072B; LA2634; LT 71141; P/N 83 22 9 407 807 BTR 85 and 95LE

Chrysler ATF +3/4; Mopar AS68RC Daimler NAG-1


Dexron VI* DiaQueen ATF-PA* DIWA .2; .3; .3E; .5

Esso LT 71141

Ford BTR 85 and 95LE; FNR5; WSS-M2C924-A Ford Fiesta; ZF 6 Speed*; MERCON, V, SP*, LV* Honda DW-1, ATF-Z1

Hyundai SP-II; SP-III; SP-IV*; JWS 3314; JWS 3317; SPH-IV

Idemitsu K17 JASO 1-A

JATCO FWD Nissan; Rover 800; VW Polo (Texaco N402)

JATCO Jaguar X Type 2001-2012 (Idemitsu K17); 3100 PLO85 (Idemitsu K17) JWS 3309; 3314; 3317; 3324

Kia SP-II; SP-III; SP-IV*; Red-1; JWS 3314; JWS 3317 MAN 339F; V1; Z1; Z2


Mercedes Benz 236.1; .2; .3; .5; .6; .7; .9; .10; .11; 5 Speed 1996-2006

Mitsubishi Diamond SP-II; SP-III; J2

Nissan 402; Matic D; J; K; JATCO FWD; Texaco 402 Rover 800 JATCO FWD

Saab 93 165 147

SsangYong DSIH 5M-66

Shell 3403; LA2634; M1375.4*

Subaru ATF; ATF HP Suzuki 3314; 3317

Texaco ETL-7045E; ETL-8072B; N402 Toyota T-II; III; IV; WS*

Voith 55.6335.XX (G607); DIWA .2; .3; .3E; .5

Volvo 97340, 97341

Volkswagen G O52 162; G 055 025; G 052 990; Polo JATCO FWD ZF TE-ML 03D; 04D; 09; 11A; 11B; 14A; 14B; 16; 17C

* Meets frictional requirements but not viscosity

Note: MULTITRANS ATF is not suitable for use with Continuously Variable Transmissions, Dual Clutch Transmissions or Ford Type F applications.

Always consult your vehicle owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s lubricant recommendations.

PropertyASTM MethodResults
Density, Kg/L @ 15oCASTM D40520.849
Viscosity, cSt @ 40oCASTM D44534.3
@ 100oCASTM D4457.21
Viscosity IndexASTM D2270181
Brookfield, cP,@ -40C 12,000
Pour Point, oCASTM D97-48
Flash Point, oCASTM D92204
FoamASTM D892Pass
Rust ProtectionASTM D130, 665APass
FZG, Fail LoadDIN 513554>12

Available in:         200 Litres, 60 Litres, 20 Litres, 5 Litres, 1 Litre

Item code:             VI3-2684

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