Maxi Cool is a concentrated, heavy-duty, and long-lasting organic corrosion inhibitor designed for use in automotive and stationary engine cooling systems. It is suitable for a wide range of engines, including those powered by petrol, diesel, and natural gas, where anti-freeze/anti-boil protection is not required.

Maxi Cool offers extended-term corrosion protection for both aluminum and ferrous alloys and is fully compatible with the rubber hoses and plastics commonly found in engine cooling systems.

It’s important to note that Maxi Cool does not contain ethylene glycol and is not an anti-freeze/anti-boil coolant. Therefore, it should only be used in accordance with the recommendations provided by engine manufacturers. It is not intended to address pre-existing corrosion issues.


Dose Maxi Cool at 40-50ml per litre of distilled water. If required, top up with diluted Maxi Cool to avoid a rundown in concentration.

Maxi Cool exhibits the following performance:

  • Suitable for heavy-duty truck engines, with a service life of up to 1,000,000 km, or up to 12,000 hours or 6 years (whichever occurs first) when used with high-quality water.
  • For machinery and commercial engines, offers a service life of up to 12,000 hours or 6 years (whichever comes first) when combined with good quality water.
  • For light commercial and passenger vehicles, recommended to drain and replace at 200,000 km or 5 years, whichever comes first.
  • Incorporates a distinctive inhibitor package designed to provide comprehensive protection for mixed metals within the cooling system.
  • Ensures optimal safeguarding of all metals commonly utilized in cooling systems.
  • Demonstrates exceptional resilience against cavitation and liner pitting.
  • Formulated without silicates to maximize the longevity of water pump operation.
  • Environmentally friendly and biodegradable, contributing to eco-conscious practices.
  • Meets or exceeds the following performance and specification requirements:

o ASTM D-1121, D-1881, D-1384, D-1287, D-4340, D-2809, D-2570 and D-3634.


When the vehicle engine is cool, drain the cooling system (including the heater) as per the vehicle owner’s handbook. Thoroughly flush and rinse the cooling system. Reconnect all hoses, drain plugs, etc; then fill the cooling system with the correct volume of water (as per the vehicle owner’s handbook), and add the appropriate dosage of Maxi Cool.

Check the level of the Maxi Cool and top up after running the engine to operating temperature and allowing it to cool again.

Always consult your vehicle owner’s manual for the manufacturer‘s recommendations.


Appearance                                 Pale green

Odour                                           Slight

Specific Gravity (kg/L)                 Typically 1.05 – 1.07 pH                                      9.3 – 9.5

Flashpoint                                    Non Flammable

Available in:         1 Litre

Item Code:            VI8-3402

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