Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid 620 represents a cutting-edge solution meticulously engineered to prioritize safety when operating hydraulic systems in proximity to open flames or high-temperature environments.

The presence of heat, molten metal, or flames in close proximity to hydraulic equipment poses inherent risks. Even the tiniest fissure in a hydraulic line or fitting has the potential to disperse a combustible mist of oil towards the heat source. Such a scenario can lead to devastating consequences, including severe injuries, property damage, the destruction of machinery and infrastructure, and significant production delays, all resulting from ensuing fires.


  • High Degree of Fire Resistance
  • Non-Explosive
  • Corrosion Inhibited
  • Good Lubricity
  • High Viscosity Index – ISO 46 Viscosity
  • Stable in Service
  • Long Pump Life
  • Long Term Economy
  • Synthetic Rubber Packings not Affected
  • HFC Classification


Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid 620 can be safely used in virtually every type of hydraulic equipment to help prevent fire danger. Typical applications include –

  • Pressure Die-casting Machinery
    • Coke Oven Door Mechanisms
    • Forging and Extruding Pressures
    • Glass Forming Machines
    • Furnace Charging & Tilting Mechanisms
    • Centrifugal Casting Machines
    • Rod and Strip Coilers and Up-enders
    • Foundry Machines
    • Hoists and Elevators
    • Billet, Bloom and Slab Casting Machines


It is recommended that the bulk fluid temperature is kept low to avoid excessive water evaporation. Maximum operating temperature should not exceed 60°C.


Vesta recommends that wherever possible the customer conducts tests on the materials to be in contact with the Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid 620.

Pumps & Components: Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid 620 can be used in virtually all industrial pumps up to pressures of 210 bar and temperatures less than 60oC. Like other water glycols, however, pumps will have to be de-rated according to manufacturers’ guidelines when converting mineral oil systems to this fluid.

Seals, Hoses & Packing: Recommended sealing materials are nitrile, NBR, Buna N, ethylene propylene (EPDM), acrylonitrile-butadiene, hydrogenated nitrile (HNBR) and poly ether based

polyurethane rubber. Not recommended are fluorocarbon, FKM, Viton (compression set with water based fluids), butyl and polyester based polyurethane (high temperature softening) rubber.

Metals: Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid 620 is compatible with most metals and alloys. Systems containing zinc, lead, cadmium and magnesium need to be closely observed in condition monitoring as these generally have limited compatibility with high pH fluids.

Paints & Coatings: Many common industrial oil-resistant paints and varnishes are softened by water glycol fluids. It is recommended to use only phenolic and epoxy type paints and vitreous enamel for the external coating of hydraulic systems. Do not coat the internal surfaces of the equipment.


ParameterUnitTypical Value
ISO grade46
AppearanceRed Clear Liquid
Viscosity @ 10°CcSt168
Viscosity @ 20°CcSt100
Viscosity @ 40°CcSt43
Viscosity @ 60°CcSt22
Viscosity IndexcSt>200
pH Value9.5
Density @ 15°Cg/mL1.08
Pour Point°C-51
Flash Point (ASTM D92)None
Fire Point (ASTM D92)None
Thermal Conductivity @ 25°CWatts/m2(°C/m)0.45
Specific Heat @ 25°C and 1013mbarkJ/kg/°C3.23
Normal Maximum Operating Temperature°C60
Compressibility @ 20°Catm3 x 105

Available in:         205 Litres

Item Code:            VI5-2927

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