FG CALCIUM SULFONATE is a high-performance grease specifically designed for applications in the food processing industry, addressing the demands of high-load and humid environments. Formulated with a calcium sulfonate thickener, this grease exhibits a strong affinity for metal, maintains exceptional stability during mechanical operations, and offers excellent lubrication and anti-oxidation properties. Its semi-synthetic base oil not only extends its working temperature range beyond that of typical greases but also ensures performance remains intact between -30°C and 170°C.

Carefully balanced additives contribute to outstanding anti-corrosive, anti-oxidant, anti-wear, and extreme pressure-resistant properties, all essential for reliable performance in the most challenging applications.

Furthermore, this grease excels in sealing properties, making it an ideal choice for lubricating bearings subjected to extreme operating conditions. It is also registered as an H1 lubricant, meeting the stringent requirements for use in food industry settings.


  • Operates effectively within an extensive temperature range (-30°C to 170°C).
  • Exceptional resilience to steam and humidity.
  • Outstanding adhesive and lubricating qualities.
  • Complete compatibility with gaskets and standard paints.
  • Certified as an H1 lubricant by the NSF.

Main applications

  • Bearings employed in high-pressure and high-temperature conditions.
  • Bearings utilized in moisture-rich environments with significant water exposure.
  • Bearings necessitating a lubricant with outstanding adhesion and sealing capabilities.

Quality levels, approvals and recommendations

  • NSF: H1*                                                                                          *Formal approval
Technical specifications 
Colour VisualLight brown
NSF registration number H1  163820
Type of thickener  Calcium Sulfonate
Base oil  Semi synthetic
Base oil viscosity at 40 °CcStASTM D445220
NLGI consistencyNLGI 2/1
Penetration, 25 °C, 60 strikes worked1/10 mmASTM D217305
EP properties 4B,weld pointkgIP 239700
Dropping pointºCASTM D566270
Water resistance (90 °C) DIN 51807Grade 0

The above mentioned characteristics are typical values and should not be considered product specifications.

Available in:         180 Kg, 16 Kg, 15 Kg, 14 Kg, 4 Kg, and 1 Kg

Item Code:              VI9-3108

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