FG ALUMINIUM COMPLEX grease is meticulously engineered for use in the food processing industry, catering to applications demanding exceptional performance in high-temperature environments. Its unique formulation employs an Aluminum Complex thickener, ensuring a strong affinity for metal surfaces and remarkable stability when bearing heavy loads and enduring elevated temperatures. Thanks to its fully synthetic base oil, this grease can continuously operate at temperatures nearing 180°C.

Additionally, carefully balanced additives, enriched with solid PTFE content, confer outstanding anti-corrosion, anti-oxidant, anti-wear, and extreme pressure-resistant properties. These attributes are essential to ensure optimal performance in the most challenging and rigorous applications.

Notably, this grease excels in sealing properties, making it an ideal choice for lubricating bearings exposed to high temperatures and pressures. It proudly holds an H1 category grease certification, meeting stringent standards for use in food-related applications, where safety and performance are paramount.


  • Operates effectively within a broad temperature spectrum (-40°C to 180°C).
  • Offers enduring lubrication due to its substantial PTFE component.
  • Exhibits excellent adhesion and lubricating qualities.
  • Completely compatible with gaskets and standard paints.
  • Holds NSF certification as an H1 lubricant.
  • Free from MOAHs (Mineral Oil Aromatic Hydrocarbons).

Main applications

  • Bearings designed for extreme temperature conditions and capable of withstanding heavy loads.
  • Bearings ideal for refrigeration facilities due to their high fluidity at low temperatures.
  • Bearings necessitating a lubricant with outstanding adhesive and sealing characteristics.

Quality levels, approvals and recommendations

  • NSF: H1*                                                                                          *Formal approval
Technical specifications 
Colour VisualIvory
NSF registration number H1  167490
Type of thickener  Aluminum Complex
Base oil  Synthetic
ConsistencyNLGI 2
Penetration, 25 °C, 60 strikes worked1/10 mmASTM D217280
EP properties 4B,weld pointkgIP 239>400
Dropping pointºCASTM D566240
Fluidity pressure at -35°C DIN 51805<1000
Emcor corrosion test DIN 51802<0,5

The above mentioned characteristics are typical values and should not be considered product specifications.

Available in:         180 Kg, 16 Kg, 15 Kg, 14 Kg, 4 Kg, and 1 Kg

Item Code:              VI9-3102

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