Extreme Semi-Syn Gear Oil 75W/90 represents an advanced, next-generation gear oil engineered to provide superior lubrication for a wide range of applications. This includes differentials in cars, trucks, and tractors, as well as other final drives, transfer gearboxes, steering gearboxes, and manual transmissions.


Extreme Semi-Syn Gear Oil 75W/90 is designed to provide:

• Outstanding thermal and oxidative resistance

• Significantly enhanced longevity of oil seals

• Substantial improvements in durability for gear surfaces

• Remarkably improved corrosion protection for yellow metals in both wet and dry environments.

Extreme Semi-Synthetic Gear Oil 75W/90 features specially formulated oxidation-resistant paraffinic and hydro-treated base oils, meticulously blended with high-performance extreme pressure (EP) additives, anti-corrosion agents, and anti-foaming compounds. This unique composition is designed to guarantee extended operational longevity for transmissions and drive lines.

Extreme Semi-Syn Gear Oil 75W/90 uses the characteristics of these components to address the current strains put on modern gear oils:

  • Alterations in vehicle aerodynamics
  • Expanded utilization of driveline retarders
  • Enhanced “Power Density” for transmission and rear axles
  • Prolonged periods of slow speeds and high loads
  • Elevated ambient temperatures
  • Augmented horsepower
  • Extended warranties and reduced maintenance requirements


Extreme Semi-Syn Gear Oil 75W/90 meets or exceeds the following demanding performance requirements:

API GL-5 API MT-1 SAE J2360 MIL-L-2105D


Mack GO-J

Always consult your vehicle owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommendations.


Property                                                              Typical Results

Appearance                                                         Natural

Density (kg/Lt) @ 15oC                                        0.862

Viscosity (cSt) @ 40oC                                        103

@ 100oC                                      14.5

Viscosity Index                                                     145

Pour Point (oC)                                                    -42

Copper Strip Corrosion –

3 hours @ 100oC                                                 1b

Flash Point; COC (oC)                                         230

Foam Formation (after settling) –

Sequence I, II, III                                                 Nil

Phosphorus (% wt)                                              0.040

Nitrogen (% wt)                                                    0.029

Available in:         Bulk, 200 Litres, 60 Litres and 20 Litres

Item code:            VI4-2426

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