Advance Plus 75W/90 Syn Gear Oil is a high-performance synthetic gear lubricant formulated with PAO (Polyalphaolefin) and ester components, enriched with friction modifiers. This gear oil is exceptionally well-suited for commercial vehicle axles, where it excels in carrying heavy loads and maintaining stability under extreme temperature and load conditions. It’s also the ideal choice for lubricating various components, including differentials, final drives, non-synchromesh manual transmissions, transfer cases, and other gear-driven applications.

Advance Plus 75W/90 Syn Gear Oil boasts impressive attributes, such as exceptional high-temperature and high-load performance, superb low-temperature fluidity and cold flow properties, reliable corrosion protection, and excellent compatibility with seals. Its viscosity and temperature characteristics remain outstanding even after undergoing high mechanical shearing, commonly encountered in demanding automotive gear applications like hypoid and spiral bevel gears.

This gear oil is highly recommended for use in axles, differentials, final drives, non-synchromesh manual transmissions, transfer cases, and other gear systems where extended drain intervals are required. It finds application in a range of vehicles, including Volvo, DAF, Iveco, Mack, Mercedes-Benz, Scania, Renault, and MAN, as well as equipment from Arvin Meritor and ZF.

Furthermore, Advance Plus 75W/90 Syn Gear Oil is suitable for limited slip differentials requiring a GL-5 75W/90 specification, making it a versatile choice for various gear-related applications.


  • ANTI-WEAR CAPABILITIES. It is formulated to protect components against wear under normal to severe loads.
  • EXTREME PRESSURE CAPABILITIES. Protects components from failure under shock and high loads.
  • SHEAR STABILITY. Shear-stable viscosity modifiers used to ensure this wide span multigrade oil ‘stay in grade’.
  • OXIDATION AND THERMAL STABILITY. Prevents oil thickening and deposit formation, resulting in better component protection.
  • THERMAL DURABILITY. Prevents gear spalling at high loads and temperatures.
  • PREVENTION OF OIL LEAKAGE. Oil seal compatibility helps to keep the oil in the axle and maintain lubrication.
  • ANTI-FOAM CAPABILITIES. Prevents breakdown of and maintains the protective oil film, enabling constant lubrication of components.

Always consult your vehicle owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommendations.

PropertyASTM MethodResults
SAE 75W/90
Density (kg/Lt) @ 15oCD-12980.873
Viscosity (cSt) @ 40oCD-44595
Viscosity IndexD-2270181
Flash Point; PM Closed (oC)D-93234
Pour Point (oC)D-97-33
Copper Strip Corrosion 3 hours at 100oC  D-130  1a
Foam Formation (10 mins settling)  
Sequence I, II, IIID-892Nil
Phosphorus (% wt)ICP0.05


Advance Plus 75W/90 Syn Gear Oil is suitable for use where lubricants meeting the following performance levels are recommended:

API GL-4 Non synchromesh API GL-5


MIL-PRF-2105E SAE J2360

Arvin Meritor 076 Mack GO-J.

Available in:         Bulk, 1000 Litres and 200 Litres

Item code:            VI4-2486

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