Synplus ACEA C1 5W/30 is a superior full synthetic engine oil designed with low SAPS (Sulphated Ash, Phosphorus, and Sulphur) properties, making it ideal for high-performance applications. This advanced lubricant represents the pinnacle of oil formulation and additive technology, providing the highest level of engine protection while enhancing fuel efficiency in contemporary low-friction petrol and diesel engines.

Specifically engineered for stability and compatibility with catalyst systems, Synplus ACEA C1 5W/30 is engineered for extended drain intervals in car and light van diesel engines. These engines are optimized to make the most of this low-friction, low-viscosity oil, ensuring effective performance even at high temperature/high shear rate (HTHS) viscosities of at least 2.9 mPa.s.

This lubricant adheres to the 2012 edition of the ACEA C1 and C2 specifications, boasting improved sludge-handling capabilities that extend its long-drain characteristics. Moreover, it contributes to prolonging the life of critical exhaust system components, including diesel particulate filters (DPF) and three-way catalyst (TWC) filters.

Additionally, Synplus ACEA C1 5W/30 meets the demanding Japanese JASO M355 DL-1 performance standard. This standard is an extension of the existing DH-1 classification for diesel engines, recognizing the distinct requirements of passenger car light diesel engines and truck/bus diesel engines when utilizing fuel with a maximum sulphur content of 0.05%. Beyond existing benchmarks for engine detergency and wear prevention, DL-1 oils, such as Synplus ACEA C1 5W/30, excel at reducing soot accumulation (a primary contributor to DPF clogging) and minimizing oil constituents that may hinder catalyst performance.

Synplus ACEA C1 5W/30 meets today’s environmentally conscious market demands of reduced emissions and increased fuel efficiency.


• Extended Drain Intervals

• Improved Fuel Economy

• Prolonged Life for Catalytic Exhaust Systems

• Enhanced Performance of DPF and TWC Filter Systems


Synplus ACEA C1 5W30 meets or exceeds the following demanding performance requirements: ACEA:  C1


JASO:      DL-1

Ford:        WSS-M2C-934B

Always consult your vehicle owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s lubricant recommendations.

Density (kg/Lt) @15oC0.852
Viscosity (cSt) @100oC9.42
CCS @ -30oC (cP)4230
Viscosity Index173
HTHS (cP)2.9
TBN (mg KOH/g)5.9
Sulphated Ash (% wt)0.5
Phosphorus (% wt)0.048
Sulphur (% wt)0.199
Flash Point (oC)218

Available in:         1000 Lt, 200 Lt, 20 Lt, 5 Lt, 1 Lt

Item Code:            VI1-2130

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