Syn Roadranger SAE 40G stands as a specialized synthetic lubricant meticulously crafted for application in Eaton Roadranger gearboxes. It adheres to the rigorous Eaton Transmission Division PS-386 standard, which not only supersedes but also maintains compatibility with the preceding PS-164 (Revision 7) specification.

This exceptional lubricant formulation comprises base oils characterized by an exceptionally high viscosity index and an impressively low pour point. It is further fortified with inhibitors to combat rust, oxidation, and corrosion. The advantages it offers are multifaceted: it minimizes wear on gearbox components, offers vital protection for bearings and synchronizers, enhances fuel efficiency by up to 1.5% through the reduction of internal transmission friction and drag, reduces transmission temperatures by as much as 12 degrees Celsius, facilitates smoother gear shifting even in cold weather conditions, prolongs the lifespan of transmissions, and extends the intervals between necessary lubricant changes.

Syn Roadranger SAE 40G serves as a versatile option suitable for both automotive and industrial applications. It excels in scenarios where extreme pressure performance is not a primary requirement but where exceptional resistance to oxidation and reliable low-temperature performance are essential, especially in high-torque and high-horsepower applications. It is well-suited for use in transmissions, hubs, and transfer cases within demanding heavy-duty settings such as long-haul, vocational, off-road, and bus applications. Furthermore, it can be effectively employed in less-demanding gear oil applications where an API GL-1 service gear oil is mandated. Additionally, it proves its worth in certain manual transmissions, spiral bevel axle assemblies, and worm gear drives found in a range of commercial, farm, and truck equipment, with specific guidance available in the respective owner’s manuals.


Eaton PS-386                                           Navistar MPAPS B-6816 Type II

Eaton PS-164 Rev 7                                 Mack Truck TO-A Plus API MT-1


Property                                                   Results

Specific Gravity (kg/L)                               0.850

Viscosity (cSt)       @ 100oC                      14.8

@ 40oC                                                      95.1

Viscosity Index                                          163

Flash Point; COC (oC)                              238

Pour Point (oC)                                          -42

Available in:         200 litres, 20 Litres

Item code:              VI4-2527

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