RX80 Gear Oil


RX80 Gear Oil stands as a cutting-edge manual transmission fluid meticulously engineered to deliver smoother gear transitions across a broad spectrum of temperatures. It is compatible with the manual transmissions found in numerous vehicle models from various manufacturers.

Notably, RX80 Gear Oil exhibits exceptional adaptability in cold climates. It minimizes the resistance during initial use, while also effectively managing transmission noise and idling vibrations during regular operation.


RX80 Gear Oil provides:

  • Reduced transmission noise for quieter operations.
  • Effortless shifting in low temperatures.
  • Enhanced longevity of gear teeth and bearings.
  • Consistent lubrication performance across a wide range of operating temperatures.
  • Exceptional wear resistance, ensuring a strong and protective film throughout the lubricant’s lifespan.
  • Minimal friction in 2-stroke motorcycle gearboxes.


RX80 Gear Oil can be used in many applications including (please check manufacturers’ recommendations):

  • 3, 4 and 5 speed transmissions and manual transaxles in Ford, GMH, Mazda, Nissan, Toyota and other makes especially older vehicles.
  • Front wheel drive transmissions in modern transverse engine cars.
  • Four wheel drive and small commercial vehicles.
  • 2 stroke motorcycle gearboxes: provides low drag and very good antiwear performance.
  • Steering systems (non-power-assisted) for cars, commercial vehicles and off-road vehicles.


RX80 Gear Oil meets or exceeds the following demanding performance requirements:

  • API GL-4
  • ZF TE-ML 08
  • SAE 80W

NOTE: RX80 Gear Oil is NOT recommended for automatic transmissions or hypoid differentials under high loads or speeds.

Always consult your vehicle owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s lubricant recommendations.


Property                                                              Typical Results

Density (kg/Lt) @ 15°C                                        0.875

Viscosity (cSt) @ 100°C                                      9.4

@ 40°C                                        75.1

Viscosity Index (minimum)                                  101

Pour Point (°C)                                                    -21

Copper Strip Corrosion –

3 hours @ 100°C                                 1b

Flash Point; COC (°C)                                         222

Foam Formation (after settling) –

Sequence I, II, and III                              Nil Phosphorus (% wt)                                              0.020

Nitrogen (% wt)                                                    0.015

Sulphur* (% wt)                                                   0.69

* Excludes sulphur due to base oil.

Available In:         200 Litres and 20 Litres

Item Code:            VI4-2424

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