Industrial Gas Engine Oil SAE 40 is a specialized low ash gas engine oil engineered for stationary gas industrial engines that endure rigorous operating conditions, both with and without ebullient cooling systems. It finds utility in both 2 and 4-stroke engines.

This particular engine oil, Industrial Gas Engine Oil SAE 40, has established its credibility in a variety of scenarios. It has demonstrated its effectiveness in naturally aspirated and turbocharged gas engines running on natural gas, particularly in compression and co-generative applications. This reliability makes it a preferred choice for ensuring the smooth operation and longevity of industrial gas engines under demanding conditions.


Industrial Gas Engine Oil SAE 40 is crafted from Group II base oils, which exhibit superior oxidative stability and resistance to nitration when compared to Group I-based gas engine oils.

This specialized oil, Industrial Gas Engine Oil SAE 40, delivers a host of essential benefits, including excellent deposit control, thermal oxidative stability, heightened corrosion resistance, and robust wear protection.

Notably, it stands out for its exceptional cleanliness, scoring an impressive 96 out of 100 in the Panel Coker Test, as well as its enhanced corrosion protection (validated in the Lead in High Temperature Cummins Bench Test at 135°C) and commendable wear protection (demonstrated in the High Temperature Cameron Plint wear test).

These remarkable performance characteristics translate into extended oil life and reduced frequency of oil changes.

In practical field trials, Industrial Gas Engine Oil SAE 40 has consistently delivered outstanding results. Some documented instances of its performance include extending the oil change interval for a Caterpillar 3516 from 1000 hours to 2170 hours, another Caterpillar-3516 from 1000 hours to 1500 hours, and achieving excellent deposit and wear control on piston rings and cylinder liners for a Waukesha 7042 GSI engine. Additionally, a Waukesha 7044GSI experienced an oil change interval extension from 1500 hours to 2500 hours.

It’s important to note that Industrial Gas Engine Oil SAE 40 is specifically designed for industrial gas engines and is not intended for automotive use. Special recommendations may be necessary for landfill or BIO gas applications due to potential gas contamination with volatile organic compounds.


Industrial Gas Engine Oil SAE 40 meets the following specifications:

  • Caterpillar 3500 and 3600 series engines
  • Waukesha 7044/7042

It is recommended for use in the following stationary gas engines:

  • Caterpillar
  • Cooper-Bessemer (four stroke)
  • Dresser-Rand (Clark, Ingersoll)
  • Superior
  • Waukesha

Always consult your vehicle owner’s manual for the manufacturer‘s recommendations.

PropertyASTM MethodResults
SAE ViscositySAE J30040
Density (kg/Lt) @ 15°CD-40520.882
Viscosity (cSt) @ 100°CD-44514.9
@ 40°CD-445136
Viscosity IndexD-2270105
Sulphated Ash (% wt)D-8740.58
TBN (mg KOH/g)D-28966.05
Calcium (% wt) 0.15
Zinc (% wt) 0.03
Phosphorus (% wt) 0.03

Available in:         Bulk, 200 Litres and 20 Litres

Item code:             VI2-2300A

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