Brake Fluid Dot 3 represents a high-quality brake fluid meticulously designed for deployment in hydraulic brake and clutch systems. It demonstrates outstanding performance with a dry boiling point of no less than 230°C and a wet boiling point of no less than 140°C. Thanks to its low-temperature viscosity, this fluid comes highly recommended, particularly for brake systems that incorporate SBR (styrene-butadiene rubber).


  • Compliant with ISO 4925, FMVSS 116, and SAE J 1703 Standards.
  • Formulated using glycol ether, enriched with glycols serving as lubricants, potent corrosion inhibitors, and antioxidants.
  • Safeguards both ferrous and non-ferrous metal components of brake systems against corrosion.
  • Promotes gentle swelling of rubber seals to improve sealing and prevent potential system leaks.
  • Exhibits excellent heat stability and performs well in low-temperature conditions.
  • Flows smoothly in both hot and cold conditions, ensuring effective lubrication of moving parts and extending service life.

Always consult your vehicle owner’s manual for the manufacturer‘s recommendations.

PropertySpecificationTypical Results
Appearance of liquidClear to straw yellowClear to straw yellow
Density @ 20 oC, (g/cm3)1.02 – 1.071.04
Boiling Point (ERBP), (oC)230 Min243
Wet Boiling Point, (oC)140 Min151
Viscosity @ -40 oC, (cSt)1500 Max1254
@ 100 oC, (cSt)1.5 Min2.2
Fluid Stability – High Temperature, (oC)± 3 Max-1.0
– Chemical Stability, (oC)± 3 MaxNil
Evaporation    – Loss, (% wt)80 Max64
Water Content, (% wt)0.2 Max<0.20

Available in:         Bulk, 200 Litres, 20 Litres, 4 Litres and 500mL

Item code:            VI8-3130

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