Biocut 3755 Soluble Cutting Fluid is a highly adaptable, all-around, semi-synthetic solution designed for machining and grinding processes. It proves to be effective for a diverse array of metal removal tasks, catering to both ferrous and aluminum alloys.


Biocut 3755 Soluble Cutting Fluid is to be mixed with water within a range of 2% to 10% concentration, resulting in a milky emulsion. The specific concentration needed will vary depending on the intensity of the machining or grinding application. This product is well-suited for use in water with hardness levels of up to 300ppm CaCO3.


  • Ensures consistent lubrication, resulting in a high-quality surface finish.
  • Offers outstanding corrosion protection for machined parts, with a DIN chip content of less than 3%.
  • Leaves no undesirable sticky residues on the workpiece.
  • Biostatic, inhibiting the growth of harmful microorganisms.
  • Free from triazine compounds.
  • Contains no Phosphorous, Sulphur, or Chlorine, minimizing environmental impact.
  • Environmentally friendly, meeting the criteria for WGK class 1 classification.


Biocut 3755 Soluble Cutting Fluid is compatible with most seal, hose and packing polymers designed for use with petroleum based lubricants. However for advice regarding specific materials, contact your distributor or your Vesta Sales representative.

Biocut 3755 Soluble Cutting Fluid is compatible with all metals commonly found in metal-working coolant systems and machines.


If the following criteria are adhered to, Biocut 3755 Soluble Cutting Fluid can be stored for at least six months.

Maximum recommended long-term storage temperature:           40°C. Minimum recommended long-term storage temperature:            0°C. Keep drums/containers tightly closed when not in use.

Store containers/drums in a dry and well ventilated area.

Vesta suggests that the equipment manufacturers’ recommendations for viscosity grade, performance requirements and general operating conditions should be checked prior to use.


Property                                                                          Results

Appearance                                                                     Clear Amber Liquid

Appearance @ 5% Concentration                                   Milky White

pH (5% in demineralised water)                                       9.0 – 9.4

Total Alkalinity (mg KOH/g)                                              106 – 117

Specific Gravity                                                               0.970 – 1.010

Viscosity @ 40 °C (cSt)                                                   75.2 – 83.2

Refractometer Factor                                                      1.1

Available in:         205 Litres and 20 Litres

Item Code:            VI6-1900

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