Machine Oils MP represent a premium line of industrial extreme pressure gear and bearing oils engineered to resist micro-pitting. They have earned Flender’s approval and excel in applications where heavy loads, slow speeds, and elevated temperatures are commonplace.

Machine Oils MP leverage a distinctive blend of ashless extreme pressure and anti-wear additives, resulting in a series of gear oils that meet Flender’s performance standards. These oils deliver robust protection against wear, corrosion, and oxidation, ensuring clean gear operation. They also demonstrate a propensity for minimal deposit formation and maintain high phosphorus levels over their lifespan, ensuring long-lasting safeguarding.

Machine Oils MP exhibit outstanding anti-friction properties, making them ideal for use in bearings, steel transmissions, and gear units.

Notably, Machine Oils MP are particularly well-suited for helical, bevel, and planetary gear units.


Machine Oils MP provide:

  • Exceptional resistance to micro-pitting, verified through the rigorous FVA 54/7 test
  • Outstanding bearing safeguarding capabilities, validated by both the FZG and FE-8 tests
  • Pristine gear performance coupled with impressive thermal and oxidative stability, expanding the temperature range for operation
  • Minimal sludge and deposit formation, promoting clean and efficient operation
  • Minimal chlorine content for environmentally conscious applications
  • Superior foam control, as demonstrated by the Flender oil foaming test
  • Proven compatibility with paints and elastomers in both static and dynamic tests, when compared to P22-8050, Nuvopur Aqua Primer 510.1.6.1400, Loctite 128068, 72 NBR 902, and 75 FKM 585
  • Exceptional retention of phosphorus, ensuring prolonged wear protection
  • Remarkable demulsibility performance, separating from water effectively
  • Ashless


Machine Oils MP are recommended where high loads, low speeds and/or high temperature conditions occur such as in:

  • Wind turbines
  • Steel production and paper making
  • Heavy duty industrial journals, plain and anti-friction bearings, chain drives and slide guides
  • Industrial enclosed gear drives lubricated by splash or circulation methods.



Machine Oils MP meet many international and equipment manufacturers’ specifications including:

  • Siemens MD Revision 15 for Flender helical, bevel and planetary gear units
  • DIN 51517 Part 3
  • AGMA 9005-E02
  • AGMA 9005-D94
  • AGMA 9005-F16
  • AGMA 251.02
  • AGMA 250.04
  • US Steel 224
  • SEB 181226

Vesta suggests that the equipment manufacturers’ recommendations for viscosity grade, performance requirements and general operating conditions should be checked prior to use.

Property  TypicalResults  
ISO Viscosity Grade68100150220320460
Code VI6-263926412642264326442645
Density (kg/Lt) @ 15oC0.8630.8630.8710.8820.8920.902
Viscosity (cSt) @ 40oC66.2101145210302436
@ 100oC8.5911.314.318.423.329.5
Viscosity Index979697969696
Flash Point, COC (oC)230241252266277290
Pour Point (oC)-40-38-38-34-30-31
Foam All Sequences after SettlingNilNilNilNilNilNil
Nitrogen (% wt)0.0150.0150.0150.0150.0150.015
Sulphur (% wt)0.890.981.190.951.151.15
Phosphorus (% wt)0.0310.0310.0310.0300.0310.031
Boron (ppm)101010101010

Available in:         Bulk, 1,000 Litres, 200 Litres, and 20 Litres

Item Code:              VI6-2639 (68), VI6-2641 (100), VI6-2642 (150), VI6-2643 (220), VI6-2644 (320), VI6-2645 (460)

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