Bio-Hydraulic Oils S Type represent a category of biodegradable hydraulic lubricants infused with a blend of synthetic fatty esters, stabilizers, anti-wear additives, corrosion inhibitors, and foam inhibitors. These oils align with OECD 301B biodegradability standards and adhere to HEES requirements.

Distinguished by their composition, Bio-Hydraulic Oils S Type do not incorporate mineral-based lubricating oils. Instead, they harness the superior qualities of premium synthetic fatty esters derived from vegetable oils cultivated in Türkiye. When compared to their mineral oil counterparts, these lubricants demonstrate heightened biodegradability, reduced environmental hazards, and greater suitability for deployment in ecologically sensitive settings. They pose minimal risks to soil, aquatic ecosystems, and other environmental components.

Bio-Hydraulic Oils S Type also boast exceptional viscosity-temperature characteristics thanks to the naturally high viscosity indices inherent to the synthetic esters derived from vegetable oils. Their formulation is tailored for applications exposed to elevated temperatures or harsh conditions, with an optimal operating temperature range spanning from -10°C to 100°C.

Compared with mineral oil based lubricants Bio-Hydraulic Oils S Type are:

  • Enhanced safety for both users and the environment
  • Greater biodegradability, reducing environmental impact
  • Free from heavy metals, thus lower toxicity
  • Improved performance attributes
  • Consistent viscosity even at higher operating temperatures, thanks to a higher viscosity index
  • Enhanced lubricity, leading to reduced equipment operating temperatures

Bio-Hydraulic Oils S Type were developed to meet and exceed the current requirements of the agricultural, forestry, heavy engineering, construction and marine equipment industries.

Bio-Hydraulic Oils S Type can be used in mobile or stationary equipment such as forklifts, cranes, tractors, graders, bulldozers, hoists, marine equipment, mining equipment, ski lifts, etc. and is particularly suited to use in environmentally sensitive areas such as:

  • National or State parks
  • Near or on waterways
  • Recreational areas
  • Road, rail and tramways
  • Local Government Maintenance Vehicles
  • Water, Electricity, Telecommunication and Gas Service providers etc.

Bio-Hydraulic Oils S Type are fully miscible and compatible with mineral oils therefore changing to

Bio-Hydraulic Oils S Type is simple as no prior system flushing is required.

Bio-Hydraulic Oils S Type contain ester components that may be incompatible with certain elastomers used as seals, hoses or other components in the customer’s equipment. Prior to full scale commercial use, it is recommended that compatibility with system components is determined by the customer.

Elastomer Compatibility

ISO 1629
NBRMedium to high nitrile rubber (Buna N,>30% acrylonitrile)CCC
FPMFluoroelastomer (Viton®)CCC
IIRButyl rubberSNN
EPDMEthylene propylene rubberNNN

**(S- Static, MD- Mild Dynamic, D- Dynamic)

C = Compatible

S = Satisfactory for short term use, but replacement with a completelycompatible elastomer is recommended at the earliest convenience. N = Not Compatible

Avoid contamination with water. Where possible drying equipment should be used and water drained after any shut-down period.

Vesta suggests that the equipment manufacturers’ recommendations for viscosity grade, performance requirements and general operating conditions should be checked prior to use.


PropertyUnitTest MethodTypical Results
ISO Viscosity  4668
Code VI5-  29162921
AppearanceVisualYellow to amber fluid
Density @ 15°Ckg/LASTM D12980.920.92
Kinematic Viscosity @ 0°Cmm2/sASTM D445320554
Kinematic Viscosity @ 20°Cmm2/sASTM D445109135
Kinematic Viscosity @ 40°Cmm2/sASTM D44547.568
Kinematic Viscosity @ 100°Cmm2/sASTM D4459.512.5
Viscosity IndexASTM D2270190185
Pour Point°CASTM D97<-30<-30
Flash Point Open Cup°CASTM D92300304
Fire Point°CASTM D92360360
Air Release ASTM D34277 min7 min
Corrosiveness to CopperASTM D1301a1a
Rust Preventing CharacteristicsASTM D665PassPass
Acid Numbermg KOH/gASTM D97422
Foam Test @ 25°Cml-mlASTM D89250-050-0
Dry TOSThrsASTM D943 mod.800800
Fire Point°CASTM D92360360
Pump Test ASTM D2882<5 mg wear<5 mg wear
Gear Lubrication DIN 51354-2>12 FZG load stage>12 FZG load stage
Water Separabilityml-ml-mlASTM D140141-39-0 (30) min42-38-0 (30) min

Available in:         200 Litres, 20 Litres, 5 Litres and 1 Litre

Item Code:        VI5-2916 (46), VI5-2921 (68)

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