Syngear ECO-M 75W/80 GL-4 is the cutting-edge iteration of high-performance synthetic-based Manual Transmission Fluids (MTF) and gear lubricants meticulously engineered to tackle the rigorous demands of ZF and MAN transmissions. Crafted from a blend of advanced additives and viscosity modifiers, this formulation perfectly aligns with the prerequisites of synchromesh systems, including molybdenum, sinter, and carbon-based setups, as well as automated manual transmissions commonly found in commercial vehicles equipped with ZF and MAN components, even those featuring intarders. As a fully synthetic fluid, Syngear ECO-M 75W/80 GL-4 elevates the shifting experience, excels in low-temperature fluidity, and extends the service life of your transmission.


  • In applications demanding robust performance from manual transmissions and gear cases, and where adherence to the API GL-4 service level is essential.
  • For contemporary synchronized transmissions that necessitate approvals such as ZF TE-ML 02L and/or MAN 341 Z-4.
  • Whenever extended service life and warranty coverage are prerequisites.


  • Boasts extended long drain capabilities, with a performance span of up to 2 years or 360,000 kilometers.
  • Exhibits outstanding load-bearing, anti-wear, and extreme pressure performance.
  • Well-suited for mixed fleet service fill applications.
  • Backed by OEM-endorsed additive technology and a viscosity modifier system.
  • Demonstrates exceptional low-temperature fluidity, contributing to improved fuel economy.
  • Facilitates effortless, smooth shifting and rapid starts.
  • Maintains the internal surfaces of the transmission in a clean condition.
  • Ensures thermal durability, preventing gear spalling even under high-temperature and high-load conditions.
  • Possesses shear stability, with viscosity modifiers designed to maintain the correct viscosity grade over time.
  • Provides oxidation and thermal stability, warding off oil thickening and deposit formation for enhanced component protection.
  • Guards against rust and corrosion, safeguarding system components from water-related damage.

Syngear ECO-M 75W/80 GL-4 is recommended for the lubrication of manual synchromesh transmissions, axles, differentials, final drives, transfer cases and other gear applications (long drain performance is required) such as in Volvo, DAF, Iveco, Renault and MAN vehicles and those using Eaton and ZF (Ecosplit, Ecolite, Ecomid, AS Tronic, e Tronic) equipment.


Syngear ECO-M 75W/80 GL-4 meets or exceeds following demanding performance requirements:



Iveco 18-1807 MAN 341 E-3, Z-4


Volvo 97305, 97307

ZF TE-ML 01L, 02L, 08, 13 (using 02L), 16K and 24A

Always consult your vehicle owner’s manual for the manufacturer‘s recommendations.

PropertyASTM MethodResults
Density (kg/Lt) @ 15oCD-12980.860
Viscosity (cSt) @ 40oCD-44555.7
@ 100oCD-4459.5
Viscosity IndexD-2270155
Brookfield (cP) @ -40CD298368,950
Flash Point; PM Closed (oC)D-93192
Pour Point (oC)D-97-54
Phosphorus (ppm)ICP590
Calcium (ppm)ICP740
Sulphur (ppm)ICP2510

Available in:         Bulk, 200 Litres and 20 Litres

Item code:             VI4-2462

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