Soluble Cutting Fluid is a high-quality, chlorine-free cutting oil enriched with borates. It is engineered to excel in light to moderate machining operations, covering a wide range of tasks such as boring, milling, drilling, tapping, threading, broaching, turning, reaming, and grinding.

This cutting fluid is known for forming dependable and stable white emulsions with a generous “emulsion reserve.” It showcases remarkable resistance to bacterial degradation, ensuring a longer service life. Importantly, it contains no free phenolics or nitrites. Additionally, it exhibits minimal foaming tendencies when applied in various machining applications, making it a reliable choice for precision operations.


MAXIMISED LUBRICATION & COOLING is assured between the cutting tool and work surfaces using Soluble Cutting Fluid, which promotes long tool life and excellent surface finish to the machined surfaces.

RUST PROTECTION is given to steel and ferrous machined metals with emulsion dilutions up to 60:1 water to oil concentrations.

BACTERIAL RESISTANCE. The inclusion of an effective biocide in Soluble Cutting Fluid ensures long emulsion service life, resisting bacteriological degradation which often results in staining and corrosion of the machined components.

LONG TOOL LIFE is aided by the high oiliness, low frictional and good cooling properties of

Soluble Cutting Fluid.

EMULSION STABILITY of Soluble Cutting Fluid is unsurpassed. It provides excellent emulsion stability in hard water up to 400 ppm calcium carbonate.


Soluble Cutting Fluid is recommended at the following dilutions:

Turning, Milling and Drilling:3 – 5%
Threading, Reaming and Tapping:4 – 5%
Broaching:4 – 5%

When making an emulsion, always add oil to water slowly whilst mixing well. Never add water to oil.


Easy machining – High machinability (> 70%)Medium machining- Medium machinability (50% – 70%)Difficult machining – Low machinability (< 50%)
Non-ferrous Leaded bronzesNon-leaded brassesZinc-base alloysMagnesiumAluminiumAluminium/silicon alloysNon-ferrous High tensile bronzesCopper FerrousCast ironMild, low carbon and unalloyed steelsNon-ferrous NickelNickel/chrome alloysTitanium FerrousHigh carbon and low alloyed steels (heat treatable steels, ball-bearing steels, construction steels, tool steels, etc.)High carbon and high alloyed steels (stainless steels, high speed steels, heat resistant alloys, etc.)

Soluble Cutting Fluid is suitable for FERROUS materials with a machinability of > 50% (medium machinability) and for NON-FERROUS materials.


  • The emulsion strength should be controlled very carefully.
  • As much contamination as possible should be prevented.
  • Grinding dirt, chips, and any other contaminants should be removed quickly.


Filtration of coolants is a must, especially in grinding systems where solid matter is small, and in cast- iron machining where fine debris forms. Filtration will permit consistently better finishes and will also extend the life of the coolant.

Some of the hydraulic equipment on modern automated machines will leak as the equipment wears. Leaking hydraulic oil, or carry-over oil from previous machining, will soil the system. Trapped solid matter plugs filters and causes coagulation of the emulsion. This will make the operation hot and smoky. Centrifuges or skimmers can remove such “tramp oil” before it does much harm.

Because there are many variables in the operating systems, nobody can guarantee how long a coolant or emulsion will last. However, in central systems that are equipped with filters and centrifuges, and use a good source of clean water with low mineral content, emulsions have provided continuous service for up to a year with simple control of pH and emulsion strengths.

Vesta suggests that the equipment manufacturers’ recommendations for performance requirements and general operating conditions should be checked prior to use.


Properties                                               Results

Appearance                                             Blue

Density (g/cm3) @ 15oC                          approximately 0.895

Viscosity (cSt) @ 40oC                            > 20.6

20:1 Emulsion Stability, 1 hour                No cream or separation Rust Prevention, Cast iron –

60:1 for 168 hours                                   No rusting

Available in:         Bulk, 1000 Litres, 200 Litres, and 20 Litres

Item Code:            VI6-2910

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