Quinlube #19 is a versatile solution suitable for medium to heavy-duty machining and grinding operations, where a high degree of cleanliness, efficient cooling, and corrosion protection are essential. It performs exceptionally well on materials such as carbon steel, cast iron, and other ferrous alloys.

Notably, Quinlube #19 is readily biodegradable in accordance with ISO 7827:1994 standards. Furthermore, it is free from substances like phenols, polychlorinated biphenyls, mercurials, nitrites, phosphates, or borates, underscoring its environmental friendliness and safety.


Use Quinlube #19 at concentrations varying between 1:30 to 1:50 for grinding operations. For machining operations, use Quinlube #19 at concentrations between 1:10 and 1:30.


  • Employs a multi-phase organic corrosion inhibitor system, ensuring exceptional corrosion protection, even in high humidity conditions prone to “wet stacking.”
  • Completely devoid of nitrites or nitrosamine compounds.
  • Incorporates highly polar, synthetic lubricating components that minimize wheel and tool wear while promoting desirable finish characteristics.
  • Demonstrates a strong resistance to biological growth, significantly reducing odors and the formation of fungal/bacterial sludges.
  • Free from inorganic salts of any kind, leaving behind a light, fluid, residual film with effective lubricating properties.
  • Promotes excellent cleanliness, preventing grinding wheels from clogging and facilitating efficient cutting.
  • Maintains clean machine surfaces.
  • Offers superb wetting and heat transfer properties.
  • Contains no harmful or harsh ingredients.
  • Low foaming characteristics.
  • Forms stable micro-emulsions over a broad range of water hardness levels, ensuring consistent performance.


Quinlube #19 is compatible with most commonly used polymer hose and seal materials. However, due to the wide variety of materials available, specific recommendations should be sought from your distributor or Vesta representative.


If the following criteria are adhered to, Quinlube #19 can be stored for at least six months.

Maximum recommended long-term storage temperature:           40°C. Minimum recommended long-term storage temperature:            0°C. Keep drums/containers tightly closed when not in use.

Store containers/drums in a dry and well ventilated area.

Vesta suggests that the equipment manufacturers’ recommendations for performance requirements and general operating conditions should be checked prior to use.


Property                                                  Results

Appearance                                             Fluorescent green liquid

Specific Gravity @ 25°C                         1.011 – 1.017

pH of 5% emulsion in water                     9.8 – 10.2

pH Neat                                                    10.4

Total Alkalinity                                         56.5 – 62.5 mg KOH/g Recommended Concentration                3.0% – 5.0%

Available In:         200 Litres and 20 Litres

Item code:            VI8-3380

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