OGL N00 V1500



Grease OGL is a specialized lubricant designed specifically for the maintenance of open gears and cogs. It is composed of extremely refined paraffinic oil, synthetic polymers, and an aluminum complex soap thickener. This unique formulation, coupled with a carefully selected blend of additives and solid components, makes this grease the perfect choice for preserving the precise geometry of gears in heavy-duty mills and furnaces.


  • This semi-fluid grease is ideally suited for use in grease spraying systems or various other application methods such as bath or splash lubrication.
  • Its high base oil viscosity, combined with extreme pressure additives and solid components, equips machinery to endure severe vibrations and prevents wear under conditions of limited lubrication. This makes it particularly valuable in large gear drives and heavy-load environments found in industries like cement, steel, mining, and chemicals.
  • This grease boasts outstanding water resistance and adhesion, performs well at low temperatures, and excels in its antioxidation and anticorrosion properties.
  • It maintains its effectiveness within a temperature range spanning from -10°C to 120°C, ensuring versatile applicability.

Quality levels, approvals and recommendations

  • THYSSENKRUPP: 71                                                                    • DIN: 51502 OGPF 00K-10
Technical specifications 
Colour VisualBlack
Type of thickener  Complex aluminium
Base oil viscosity at 40 °CcStASTM D4451,500
ConsistencyNLGI 00
FZG test (A/2, 8/50) ISO 14635-3>12
Penetration, 25 °C, 60 strikes worked1/10 mmASTM D217405
Water resistance (90 °C) DIN 518070
Emcor corrosion test DIN 518020-0
4B wear test (1 min/80 kg), scarmmIP 2390.65
EP properties 4B,weld pointkgIP 239850

The above mentioned characteristics are typical values and should not be considered product specifications.

Available in:         180 Kg, 16 Kg, 15 Kg, 14 Kg, 4 Kg, and 1 Kg

Item Code:              VI9-3124

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