Fast 2 Syn ATF represents the pinnacle of multi-functional fluid technology, offering a fully synthetic solution for motorcycles that demand Dexron III lubricants. Additionally, it finds its versatility in automatic and power-shift transmissions, as well as in industrial and mobile hydraulic systems.

In today’s advanced vehicle and power transmission designs, the demands on automatic transmission fluids have risen significantly. Fast 2 Syn ATF steps up to the challenge, delivering dependable friction performance, remarkable stability at high temperatures, unfaltering fluidity even in low temperatures, and impeccable material compatibility—qualities that are essential for modern machines operating at their peak performance.


Fast 2 Syn ATF sets the standard for cleaner transmissions and enhanced reliability, thanks to its outstanding thermal and oxidative stability, as corroborated by the General Motors 4L60 oxidation and Ford ABOT tests.

This exceptional fluid also excels in both high and low-temperature conditions, thanks to the incorporation of high-viscosity index synthetic base oils. It ensures top-tier performance across a wide range of temperatures, guaranteeing your machinery operates optimally no matter the environment.

Furthermore, Fast 2 Syn ATF boasts foam inhibition properties, ensuring that a consistent, full-bodied lubricant reaches all surfaces requiring lubrication. This property helps maintain smooth and reliable operation throughout your equipment’s lifecycle.


Fast 2 Syn ATF is suitable for use in motor cycle transmissions calling for a DEXRONR III (H) specified lubricant.


Property                                                  Results

Specific Gravity @ 15.6oC                       0.850

Viscosity (cSt) @ 100oC                          7.2

Viscosity Index                                        Greater than 150

Pour Point (oC)                                        < -40

Brookfield (cP) @ – 40oC                         10960

Available in:       4 Litres and 1 Litre

Item code:            VI8-2680A

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